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Minutes of the Regular Board of Directors Meeting
February 27, 2018

Date, Time, and Place
Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. at the Claray Clubhouse, located at 2760 Claray Drive, Bel Air, California 90077

A quorum was established with the following Board members present:
President Fred Marcus, Treasurer Ed Gold, Secretary Rosario Vizzie, Jon Cohen, Michael Gillman, and Harold Tennen. 
Vice President Sharon Kopman was absent.
General Manager Robert Avila was also present. 

Association Members Present
The following Association Members were in attendance:
Tom Holliday, Bill Perry, Barbara Tenenbaum, Jeff Rohde, Andre Stojka, Joan Herman, Danielle Cohen, Gita Amar Vizzie, and David Kramer.

Open Discussion Period
President Fred Marcus opened the meeting by allowing for questions and comments on non-agenda items from Association Members in attendance.   

EPAC members Danielle Cohen and Joan Herman reported that there are extra copies of the County of Los Angeles Emergency Survival Guide, which EPAC obtained and had distributed throughout the community a number of years ago, and asked if it could be given to new homeowners, and any existing homeowners who might want a copy.  Mr. Avila said he would be happy to do so, and it could be done when new homeowners are greeted in the Management Office. 

Association Member Jeff Rohde asked if anything could be done about dog walkers/owners not cleaning up after their dogs and/or dog walkers/owners controlling their dogs from attacking other dogs being walked nearby.  Mr. Avila reported that, coincidentally, dog walker/owner reminders were going to be printed in the next newsletter, and it was advised to report the dog attacks to the City. 

Approval of Minutes
Mr. Tennen made the motion to approve the minutes of the January 23, 2018 regular Board of Directors meeting.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Gillman and was unanimously approved by the Board.

Financial Statement
Treasurer Ed Gold presented the Board with the January 2018 Financial Statement.  A summary of the Association’s financial position as of January 31, 2018 was as follows:

Operating Fund
  ------------------ ------------------ ------------------  
Total Income: $ 148,132 $ 148,679           $ (547)  
Total Expenses: $ 112,684 $ 143,677 $ 30,993  
  ------------------ ------------------ ------------------  
Net Income/Loss: $ 35,448   $ 5,002 $ 30,446  
Beg. Fund Balance - 1/1/18 $ (33,911) (unaudited)    
Fund Balance - 1/31/18

$ 1,537

Reserve Fund
Total Income:  $ 44,454      
Total Expenses: $ 0      
Net Income/Loss

$ 44,454

Beg. Fund Bal. - 1/1/18 $ 651,479  (unaudited)    
Fund Balance - 1/31/18 $ 695,933      

During the discussion, Mr. Gold pointed out that there is $373,089 in cash in the money market Reserve Fund and suggested that some of it be invested in CDs or Treasuries with a little longer maturity date (e.g., two years) to get a higher interest rate, since there are two $150,000 CDs that will mature in April and October 2018.  Mr. Gold was asked to prepare a recommendation for the Board to consider. 

Mr. Gold and Mr. Avila answered questions from the Board about the contents of the Financial Statement.  After discussion, Mr. Tennen made the motion to approve the January 2018 Financial Statement.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Gillman and was unanimously approved by the Board.  Copies of the Financial Statement are available to all Association Members.

Joint Clubhouse Design Committee (“CDC”) & Pool Committee Reports
Pool Committee Co-Chair Gita Amar Vizzie reported on her committee meeting with the CDC on February 20th.  The committees met to decide the proposed colors for the stucco on the exterior of the Clubhouse and on the planter walls and other walls in the adjacent Claray Pool Area.  Designer Mariah Shaw, who was also at the meeting, presented the committees with two possible color palettes. 

Proposed Colors for Clubhouse & Pool Area Stucco and Metal Elements
At the meeting, the suggestion was made to use the stucco color that was used on the exterior of the Fitness Center, Swiss Coffee with the preferred metal / trim color presented by Ms. Shaw.  Samples of the three color palettes were painted on the Clubhouse and in the pool area.  After viewing the color samples, the majority of the committees recommended that the color combination of Swiss Coffee (stucco) and Cracked Pepper (metal / trim) be used on the Clubhouse and in the adjacent pool area.  Some Board members viewed the samples painted on the Clubhouse.  After discussion, Mr. Tennen made the motion to accept and approve the committees’ recommendation.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Gillman and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

Status of Member Use of Clubhouse for Blood Drive
Mr. Avila reminded the Board that it approved Association Member Susan Lippman using the Clubhouse for her daughter Kim Kessler to hold a blood drive for the American Red Cross, under certain conditions; her ad for the event cannot advertise her personal real estate services and that the Association’s insurance agent and attorney review the Red Cross’ insurance policy.  Mr. Avila presented the Board with Ms. Kessler’s proposed ad, and reported that the Red Cross was not willing to provide the Association with a copy of its insurance policy for review.  Additionally, Red Cross’ policy was a claims-made-based policy; Mr. Avila and the Association’s insurance agent recommend an occurrence-based policy.  It was felt that Ms. Kessler’s ad contained language which implies her personal real estate services.  After discussion, because of this and because the Red Cross would not provide a copy of its insurance policy, Mr. Tennen made the motion to disapprove the use of the Clubhouse for the blood drive.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Cohen and was approved by the Board with the following vote; Ayes: Cohen, Gillman, Marcus, Tennen, Vizzie; Abstain: Gold.

Fitness Committee Report
Committee Chair Barbara Tenenbaum reported on the Committee’s February 13th meeting at which it discussed Fitness Center operations and maintenance and equipment issues, and the status of the bathroom / entryway renovation project.

Status of Fitness Center Bathroom / Entryway Renovation Project
Mr. Avila reported that he now had four contractor bids in hand, one is extremely high and was rejected.  Two middle bids are really close to each other, and the fourth bid is about $28,000 lower than the middle bids.  Mr. Avila reported he and the architect reviewed the low bid and feel elements are missing from their which would increase the bid amount.  Bids are being sought from two more contractors. 

Recommendation for an Additional Treadmill
Mrs. Tenenbaum reported that the Committee is requesting Board approval to purchase an additional treadmill for the Fitness Center, citing high usage and demand on the existing three treadmills.  The additional treadmill would replace the aged StairMaster, as such, it would be a Reserve Expense.  Mr. Avila reported that he was in the process of getting a quote for the additional treadmill, and the last treadmill was purchased for approximately $5,000.  After discussion, Mr. Gold made the motion to approve the recommendation and to set a not-to-exceed cost of $6,000 for the treadmill.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Tennen.  After further discussion, Mr. Gillman amended the motion to set the not-to-exceed cost at $7,000.  The amended motion was seconded by Mr. Tennen and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

Review Clubhouse Rental Fees and Other Rental Conditions
Mr. Marcus suggested that the Board consider increasing the $50 Clubhouse rental rate for events with less than 50 people which end before 9:00 p.m. to cover wear and tear.  After discussion, there wasn’t any interest by other Board members to increase the rental rate. 

Mr. Avila then reported concerns expressed by Association Member Ken Williams who was playing tennis on a court below the Clubhouse deck while a party was taking place in the Clubhouse.  Mr. Williams expressed concern about activities taking place on the deck which could cause injury, and about the activities disturbing tennis play below.  He suggested that language be added to the Clubhouse rental agreement to address these issues.  The Board agreed and asked Mr. Avila to ask the Association’s attorney to propose appropriate language for the rental agreement. 

Discuss Bel Air Glen HOAs Desire to Gate its Community
Association Member Tom Holliday, who was in attendance, expressed that he felt the Board should ask the Association’s attorney whether it has any obligation, responsibility, or right to have some controls over what is done by Bel Air Glen HOA which might adversely impact Bel Air Ridge HOA Members/residents, such as gating its community.  Timing might be an issue if the Association does not get involved in the process at the appropriate procedural time.  Mr. Marcus advised that he had asked the Traffic Committee to look in to it with Councilman Koretz’s office.  Mr. Avila was asked to ask the Association’s attorney to look in to the issue, as well. 

Consider Landscape Design Proposal
Mr. Avila reported back on advising landscape designer Andrea Scharff that the Board approved retaining her if she would include additional services into her proposed $2,200 service agreement.  Mr. Avila reported that Ms. Scharff could add some of the requested services, but it would be an additional cost at her hourly rate.  She cannot add the estimated water usage saving requested service.  But said she could retain another irrigation consultant for approximately $2,000.  After discussion, Mr. Gillman made the motion to retain Ms. Scharff for $2,200 without the previously requested additional services in her service agreement.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Cohen and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

Tennis Committee Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of the Tennis Committee’s meeting on February 13th at which it discussed tennis court maintenance issues, planned its social tennis social events for the year, discussed the Tennis Director’s proposed children’s tennis camps, and discussed implementing the cloud-based court reservation system. 

Request to Hold Spring and Summer Children’s Tennis Camp
It was reported that Tennis Director Gene Malin requested Board approval to hold his Spring and Summer children’s tennis camp, beginning March 26th and June 11th, respectively.  Mr. Gold made the motion to approve Mr. Malin’s request.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Vizzie and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

Architectural & Landscaping Committee (“ALC”) Report
ALC Chair Harold Tennen reported on the ALC’s February 20th meeting at which it approved six of the seven property improvement requests it received.  The request that was disapproved was because it was found to be incomplete and lacking details. 

Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee (“EPAC”) Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of EPAC’s meeting on February 12th at which it discussed the result of its recent radio network check in (Mr. Marcus asked that more Board members participate), discussed the recently held town hall meeting which was held by the Neighborhood Council to discuss with City officials and community members lessons learned from the recent Skirball Fire, discussed participating in and helping to advertise the upcoming Fire Station 99 Open House, and discussed arranging for AED/CPR training for interest community members.

Neighborhood Council Report
Bel Air Ridge representative to the Neighborhood Council Andre Stojka reported that on January 31st, the Neighborhood Council held a Town Hall on the Skirball Fire, bringing together two City Councilmembers, Paul Koretz and David Ryu, the Fire Department, and homeless agencies.  The Town Hall was held in the Rosenfeld Auditorium of Franklyn Canyon Park and was very well attended.  The planning of the Town Hall took place in the Bel Air Ridge Clubhouse for which the Neighborhood Council has expressed appreciation.  Mr. Stojka was moderator of the event.

As a follow up to his recent report to the BAR Board about the Benedict Canyon Homeowners Association meeting, Mr. Stojka wrote the following note to engage members of the Neighborhood Council Traffic Committee:

I think the most important issue for the Neighborhood Council Traffic Committee is the closing of upper Benedict Canyon by the DWP for pipe replacement beginning in April. The normal cross-mountain heavy traffic now reaches Hutton and then splits between Benedict Canyon and Deep Canyon to reach Mulholland Drive. With the closure of upper Benedict Canyon the traffic will temporarily flow only to Deep Canyon from April to the December of this year.  The closure will cause a severe traffic back up on Benedict Canyon at Sunset. Cross-mountain drivers will begin looking for alternative routes, including Beverly Glen, Coldwater and Roscomare.  All of these roads are already overly crowded with cars. There is already inadequate traffic control where these streets intersect Sunset Boulevard.

At the Benedict Canyon Homeowners Association meeting two weeks ago, the DWP representative assured the audience DWP will watch the intersection of Deep Canyon and Mulholland to determine if a temporary traffic signal would be necessary.  This surprised everyone because traffic control is already necessary without the added traffic caused by the closure.

Mr. Stojka believes the Traffic Committee should contact the Department of Transportation (“DOT”) and establish a relationship and liaison to place pressure on the DOT to provide traffic control at all Sunset and Mulholland intersections on the day of the closure and throughout the closure.  DOT should also be prepared to monitor and resolve other traffic issues, which undoubtedly will arise from the closure.

Finally, at its last meeting, the Neighborhood Council took the official position of opposing SB 827 introduced this year by the State Senator from San Francisco Scott Weiner.  Under this proposed bill, the State could take over City of Los Angeles land use controls. The intent is to create high density housing zones along high density traffic routes designed by the State and not the City of Los Angeles.  It would eliminate local rule.

Security Committee Report
Security Committee Chair Harold Tennen reported on the number and types of security incidents that occurred in the community from January 11, 2018 to February 7, 2018; 26 false burglar alarms, 3 unattended open garage doors / courtyard gates, 4 suspicious vehicles, 2 suspicious persons, 2 suspicious incidents / issues, 6 resident assistances, 5 disturbances, 2 medical emergencies with LAFD response, 1 found dog (returned), 1 HOA rule enforcement issue, 1 dog fight, and 1 needed maintenance observation.

Mr. Tennen also reported that Picore International Security (”Picore”) is preparing to start providing the Association with 24 hour armed security patrol and response services on May 1st. 

The regular Board of Directors meeting was adjourned at 9:17 p.m. 

Executive Session - February 27,2018 - General Notes

The Executive Session was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

The Board approved the minutes of the January 23, 2018 Executive Session.

The Board discussed a settlement enforcement matter.

The Board discussed a matter of potential litigation - Common Area property encroachment.

The Board discussed personnel matters.

The Executive Session was adjourned at 7:38 p.m.

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