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Minutes of the Regular Board of Directors Meeting
June 27, 2017

Date, Time, and Place
Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. at the Claray Clubhouse, located at 2760 Claray Drive, Bel Air, California 90077

A quorum was established with the following Board members present:
President Andrew Tenenbaum, Vice President Sharon Kopman, Treasurer Michael Gillman, Secretary Harold Tennen, and Rosario Vizzie. 
Tom Holliday and Fred Marcus were absent.
General Manager Robert Avila was also present. 

Association Members Present
The following Association Members were in attendance:
Kamal Afkhami, Jay Lipsky, Colin Mossman, Andre Stojka, Elinor Lenehen, Anita Aratow, Jeanie McCarthy, Ken Kessler, Ron Cornell, Jeff Rohde, and Miles Gibbons.

Open Discussion Period
President Andrew Tenenbaum opened the meeting by allowing for questions and comments on non-agenda items from Association Members in attendance. 

Jay Lipsky inquired what is the Association doing to address the trees he feels are fire hazards such as dead trees and overcrowding of trees.  It was reported that a number of years ago, trees which a certified arborist identified as posing a hazard of falling were removed over a two year period, and that trees which are found to be dead during the day to day operations are removed.  Mr. Lipsky was asked to provide the Association with the location/address where he feels a dead tree is located so it can be inspected and removed, if necessary.  It was also reported that the Fire Department performs inspections every year, and the Association performs the required fire brush clearance every year. 

Approval of Minutes
Ms. Kopman made the motion to approve the minutes of the May 23, 2017 regular Board of Directors meeting.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Tennen and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

Financial Statement
Treasurer Michael Gillman presented the Board with the May 2017 Financial Statement.  A summary of the Association’s financial position as of May 31, 2017 was as follows:

Operating Fund
  ------------------ ------------------ ------------------  
Total Income: $ 731,992 $ 728,840 $   3,152  
Total Expenses: $ 608,954 $ 718,185 $ 109,231  
  ------------------ ------------------ ------------------  
Net Income/Loss: $ 123,038 $ 10,655 $ 112,383  
Beg. Fund Balance - 1/1/17 $ (55,123)      
Fund Balance - 5/31/17 $ 67,915      
Reserve Fund
Total Income:  $ 204,989      
Total Expenses: $ 105,835      
Net Income/Loss

$ 99,154

Beg. Fund Bal. - 1/1/17 $ 585,487      
Fund Balance - 5/31/17 $ 684,641      

Mr. Gillman and Mr. Avila answered questions from the Board about the contents of the Financial Statement.  After discussion, Mr. Tennen made the motion to approve the May 2017 Financial Statement.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Gillman and was unanimously approved by the Board.  Copies of the Financial Statements are available to all Association Members upon request.

Clubhouse Designs Committee (“CDC”) Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of the CDC’s June 6th meeting at which it discussed its pending desired projects; refinishing the Clubhouse wood deck and handrail caps, replacing the chain link fencing with iron fencing, repainting the Clubhouse and the steel deck support posts and beams, and possibly changing the stucco on the Clubhouse to smooth stucco.

Recommendation for Clubhouse Deck Replacement
As the CDC was exploring refinishing the deck, it was having difficulty finding an acceptable stain color, and it was noted that the wood requires a lot of maintenance, including refinishing every three to five years.  So the Committee explored a composite material, TimberTech, which is low maintenance, has a 30 year warranty, and has color options more attractive than the wood stain samples that were applied to the wood deck.  A proposal was obtained to replace the wood deck (2,340 square feet) and the wood handrail wood caps (215 linear feet) with TimberTech for $77,680.  Considering it cost the Association $22,000 the last time it refinished the wood deck (and handrail caps), and because the wood takes a beating and should be refinished every three to five years, the Committee felt the TimberTech composite material would be more cost-effective than wood in the long term.  Therefore, the Committee recommended that the wood deck and handrail caps be replaced with TimberTech, instead of continuing to refinish the wood.  During the discussion of the Committee’s recommendation, Board members expressed concern about using a plastic composite material instead of wood, about the long term maintenance of the material, about the manufacturer servicing the warranty, and about the large expenditure when there are other things that need to be done around the community.  Discussion concluded with no motion being made on the recommendation.  Mr. Avila was asked to obtain estimates to refinish/stain the wood deck and handrail caps.

Recommendation for Claray Facility Fence Replacement
As had been discussed in the past, the CDC obtained estimates to replace the chain link fencing at the first floor front and back entrances to the Claray Clubhouse and pool facility with more attractive iron fencing.  The CDC recommended that the Board approve retaining KW Custom Iron, Inc. (“KW”) to complete the work for $8,750.  KW said it would cost 20% ($1,750) more to complete the project during the summer, as it is their busy time and would have to pay their workers overtime to fabricate and install the fencing.  After discussion, Mr. Tennen made the motion to approve retaining KW for $8,750, waiting until September to start the project.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Vizzie and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

Fitness Committee Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of the Committee’s June 14th meeting at which it discussed operations, maintenance, and equipment issues at the Fitness Center.  The Committee also continued its work in trying to locate an architect for the Fitness Center restroom renovation project.  Tennis Committee Chair Amir Navab attended the meeting to discuss and answer questions about the tennis court reservation system, ClubClix, which the Tennis Committee is recommending that the Board obtain for the Association’s tennis facilities, as the system can also be used at the Fitness Center.  Some members of the Fitness Committee viewed a webinar on ClubClix’s capabilities and liked the system.  The Fitness Committee unanimously supported the utilization of ClubClix at the Fitness Center.

Recommendation to Keep Extended Fitness Center Hours
Committee Chair Anita Aratow reported that the Committee had sufficient data now to recommend to keep the extended Fitness Center hours to close at 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday after the trial period ends on June 30th.  Mr. Vizzie made the motion to approve the Committee’s recommendation.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Tennen and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee (“EPAC”) Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of the EPAC’s June 12th meeting at which it, among other
things, discussed the results from its monthly radio network check-in exercise, discussed the status of the first phase of the Drought Response Project, discussed the success of the recent Fire Station 99 Open House, and discussed the status of getting residents to sign up to participate in the community’s reverse-911 emergency notification system.

Consider Proposed Emergency Chain of Command
In response to the EPAC’s suggestion that the Clubhouse be made available for residents during a power outage or emergency, the Board asked Mr. Avila and the Association’s attorney to prepare a possible chain of command for emergency situations which may occur in the community.  The Board reviewed a proposed “Emergency Chain of Command,” as prepared.  After review and discussion, Ms. Kopman made the motion to approve the proposed “Emergency Chain of Command”.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Tennen and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

Social Committee Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of the Committee’s June 14th meeting at which it discussed its recent wine event on June 4th, discussed more wine events later in the year, and discussed planning the Halloween party.    

Post Wine Event Report
Committee member Jeanie McCarthy reported that 59 people attended the Committee’s June 4th Wine Event, and everyone had a good time.  With attendees paying to attend the event, the event had revenue totaling $1,475.  Expenses were $1,219, resulting in a profit of $256. 

Request for Committee Appointments
It was reported that Tina Brazell, Carrie Cohen, Gary Michel, Harry Lippman, Bill Kabaker, and Andre & Leslie Stojka requested to be appointed to the Social Committee.  Mr. Tennen made the motion to appoint everyone to the Committee, as requested.  The motion was seconded by Ms. Kopman and was unanimously approved by the Board.

The Committee was asked to consider having another event for children/families, in addition to the Halloween party. 

Consider Proposal for HOA Management Software
Mr. Avila reported researching and identifying an HOA management software, Caliber Software, which would help bring the Association’s operations and management “into the century” in terms of record keeping, cloud-based document storage, information tracking (e.g. violations, architectural approvals, etc.), guest pass tracking, vendor tracking, property information, homeowner/resident information, and other capabilities such as accounting and bookkeeping functions.  Mr. Avila and Ms. Kopman viewed a demonstration of the software and recommended that the Board approve purchasing the software at a cost of $ .50 per Unit per month ($2,328 per year), $250 on-time set up fee, and $50 annual SSL Certificate Fee.  The service fees includes training for the management staff, at no cost.  After discussion, Mr. Tennen made the motion to approve purchasing the service, subject to Mr. Avila being comfortable after checking some of Caliber’s references (current clients) and having the Association’s attorney review the service agreement.  The motion was seconded by Ms. Kopman and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

Appoint Association Representative to Build Council Relationship
Mr. Tenenbaum suggested that the Board appoint an Association Member to represent the Association and to develop and cultivate an ongoing relationship with the Councilman’s office.  This relationship could be helpful in getting assistance from the City of Los Angeles on City-issues which affect the Association from time to time.  After discussion, to avoid having the Council office approached by different people on similar issues, and to coordinate efforts, it was decided to have a monthly Board meeting agenda item, “Councilman Koretz Coordination Issues” so everyone can report on the different issues they’re working on with the Councilman’s office. 

Neighborhood Council Report
Bel Air Ridge representative to the Neighborhood Council Andre Stojka reported that the Council wrote a letter to Councilman Koretz stating that heavy traffic congestion is a problem for all of the hillside communities, not just Bel Air Ridge, and that it should be defined as a City-wide issue/problem which needs to be addressed.  Councilman Koretz said to look to the Neighborhood Council for money for traffic control officers, but the Neighborhood Council does not have any money.

Traffic Committee Report
Committee member Sharon Kopman reported that Committee member Gita Amar Vizzie sent Councilman Koretz’s office an email advising that the Neighborhood Council does not have money for traffic control officers, so the Councilman’s office needs to get traffic control officers back in place.  Ms. Kopman further reported that a meeting with Councilman Ryu’s office of the neighboring Council District 4 should be arranged, since she understands he was the one who got the City to approve a traffic light at Mulholland and Nicada (but it will take ten years to install due to the lack of money).  Also, the Committee had been previously advised by Councilman Koretz’s office that the West Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Traffic Management (“NTM”) Plan was not going forward.  However, recently new traffic restriction signs have been seen in areas of Shermans Oaks which were to be part of the NTM Plan.  Clarification is being sought.  A request was made to LAPD to have more traffic enforcement (e.g. stop sign) in the area. 

Discuss Traffic Mitigation Measures Being Consider by Bel Air Glen HOA
The Board discussed the traffic mitigation measures it heard neighboring association Bel Air Glen HOA is considering; gating its community and/or rush hour turn restrictions from Woodwardia Drive onto Angelo Drive and a “no cut thru” sign at Nicada Drive and Beverly Glen Blvd.  Ms. Kopman said she would reach out to her contact at DOT (Department of Transporation) to find out what is involved in what Bel Air Glen is considering, and to request that Bel Air Ridge receive notice and the ability to give input before anything is done, since it could impact traffic in and around Bel Air Ridge. 

Drought Response Committee Report
Mr. Avila reported that the Committee met with landscape architect Di Zock on June 6th to finalize its decision and recommendation on the drought tolerant plants to plant in front of the Clubhouse, Fitness Center, and signage areas.  Its recommendation will be presented to the Board at its July Board meeting. 

Security Committee Report
Security Committee Chair Harold Tennen reported on the number and types of security incidents that occurred in the community from May 4, 2017 to June 21, 2017; 47 false burglar alarms, 18 unattended open garage doors / courtyard gates, 10 suspicious vehicles,6 suspicious persons, 7 resident assistances, 1 HOA rules enforcement, 1 medical emergency with LAFD response, 5 disturbances, 1 attempted residential burglary, 1 roof fire, 1 coyote sighting, and 5 needed maintenance observations.

Architectural & Landscaping Committee (“ALC”) Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of the ALC’s June 19th meeting at which it approved the only one property improvement request it received. 

Review / Consider Workers Compensation Insurance Quotes
The Board reviewed quotes for the Association’s workers compensation insurance policy on June 30th.  Due to two past claims, the two quotes received were high, $58,811 and $62,981.  Eight carriers declined to quote.  The Association’s broker advised that should there be no further claims, the premium should reduce next renewal because one of the past claims has closed and is old enough.  After discussion, Mr. Tennen made the motion to accept the $58,811 quote from Midwest Employers Insurance, because the Association should not go without workers compensation insurance.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Gillman and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

The regular Board of Directors meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m. 

Executive Session - June 27, 2017 - General Notes

The Executive Session was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

The Board approved the minutes of the May 23, 2017 Executive Session.

The Board discussed a settlement enforcement matter.

The Board discussed with counsel a Fitness Center risk management issue.

The Board discussed a possible breach by a prior vendor.

The Board discussed with counsel legal analysis of Architectural Rules.

The Board discussed with counsel liability for delegated committee scope of responsibility.

The Executive Session was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.


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