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Minutes of the Regular Board of Directors Meeting
May 22, 2018

Date, Time, and Place
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 8:15 p.m. at the Claray Clubhouse, located at 2760 Claray Drive, Bel Air, California 90077

A quorum was established with the following Board members present:
President Fred Marcus, Vice President Sharon Kopman (via teleconference), Secretary Rosario Vizzie, and Harold Tennen. 
Treasurer Ed Gold and Jonathan Cohen were absent. 
General Manager Robert Avila and landscape designer Anna Hoffman were also present. 

Association Members Present
The following Association Members were in attendance:
Joan Herman, Jeff Rohde, Danielle Cohen, Betty Gabbaie, Ed Cain, and David Kramer.

Open Discussion Period
Before President Fred Marcus opened the Open Discussion Period, he announced that Michael Gillman resigned from the Board that afternoon due to personal reasons.  Mr. Marcus reported that a notice would be sent out to the community soliciting interest from Association Members who might be interested in serving on the Board.  The remaining Board members will appoint someone to fill the vacancy, pursuant to the Bylaws.

Mr. Marcus then asked if there were any questions and comments on non-agenda items from Association Members in attendance.  There were none.

Approval of Minutes
Mr. Tennen made the motion to approve the minutes of the April 24, 2018 regular Board of Directors meeting.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Vizzie and was unanimously approved by the Board.

Financial Statement
Mr. Avila presented the Board with the April 2018 Financial Statement.  A summary of the Association’s financial position as of April 30, 2018 was as follows:

Operating Fund
  ------------------ ------------------ ------------------  
Total Income: $ 595,297 $ 595,348 $  (51)  
Total Expenses: $ 543,145 $ 574,690 $ 31,545  
  ------------------ ------------------ ------------------  
Net Income/Loss: $ 52,152     $ 20,658 $ 31,494  
Beg. Fund Balance - 1/1/18

$ (38,775)

Fund Balance - 4/30/18

$ 13,377

Reserve Fund
Total Income:  $ 178,070      
Total Expenses: $ 16,751      
Net Income/Loss

$ 161,319

Beg. Fund Bal. - 1/1/18 $ 651,479     
Fund Balance - 4/30/18 $ 812,798      

Mr. Avila answered questions from the Board about the contents of the Financial Statement.  After discussion, Mr. Tennen made the motion to approve the April 2018 Financial Statement.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Vizzie and was unanimously approved by the Board.  Copies of the Financial Statement are available to all Association Members.

Drought Response Committee Report
Chair Ed Cain reported on the Committee’s April 19th meeting at which it reviewed the proposed drought tolerant landscape design for the area in front of the Clubhouse and adjacent areas, prepared by landscape designers Andrea Scharff and Anna Hoffman.  The Committee liked the design and recommended that it be presented to the Board. 

Presentation of Landscape Design Consultant Design
Anna Hoffman was in attendance, explained their approach and objectives in completing their work, showed their proposed drought tolerant landscape design to the Board and Association Members in attendance, and answered questions.  After discussion, and a question and answer period, Mr. Vizzie made the motion to accept the design and to obtain bids to implement the planting.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Tennen and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

* Ms. Hoffman left the Board meeting at this time. 

Proposed Rules Changes - Clubhouse Rental Application & Agreement
The Board reviewed comments from Association Members on proposed amendments to the Clubhouse Rental Application & Agreement.  The amendments are intended to address issues of activities taking place on the deck which could cause injury, and / or disturb tennis play below when an event is in progress at the Clubhouse.  The Board also heard from Association Members in attendance on the matter.  After discussion, Ms. Kopman made the motion to approve the proposed amendments.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Vizzie and was unanimously approved by the Board.  Some of the Association Members’ comments received will be addressed by further amendments by the Association’s attorney, which he feels are not substantive and do not require another 30 day comment period. 

Review / Consider Directors & Officers Insurance Quotes
Mr. Avila presented the Board with the best quote for Directors & Officers insurance he was able to obtain.  Many carriers declined to quote due to a past claim / lawsuit against the Association.  The best quote was $8,052 for a $1 Million base policy and a $5 Million Umbrella policy with Continental Casualty Insurance Company and Firemans Fund Group of Insurance Company, respectively, and an option of a $15 Million Umbrella, instead, for an additional $372.  The deductible would be $5,000.  After discussion, Mr. Tennen made the motion to approve the quote with the increased Umbrella of $15 Million.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Vizzie and was unanimously approved by the Board. 

Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee (“EPAC”) Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of the Committee’s May 14th meeting at which it discussed, among other things, the results of its May radio network check in, discussed the success of the Fire Station 99 Open House, and discussed the upcoming presentation of the City’s Ready Your LA Neighborhood (“RYLAN”) program at the neighboring Colina Glen community, which some Committee members said they would attend.  RYLAN is a free service offered by the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department that empowers neighborhoods to be more prepared for the next big disaster.

Committee member Danielle Cohen said the Committee wants to bring a representative from the City to explain the program to the Board to possibly have a presentation for the Bel Air Ridge community.  The Board advised Ms. Cohen to advise Mr. Avila when the matter should be placed on a Board meeting agenda when a date the representative can attend is determined. 

Fitness Committee Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of the Committee’s May 9th meeting at which it discussed, among other things, having a Committee member write articles for the Wildlife newsletter, the status of the pending Fitness Center bathrooms and interior entryway renovation project, replacing some aging Weight Room equipment (for 2019 consideration), and Fitness Center operations and maintenance issues. 

Neighborhood Council Report
There was no Neighborhood Council Report.

Social Committee Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of the Committee’s May 19th meeting at which it discussed coordinating and holding family events, and planned its next wine tasting event on June 14th.

Committee member Joan Herman reported that they are trying to find more homeowners to volunteer to help coordinate events for families / kids.  Betty Gabbaie, who was in attendance, volunteered to help.  Mr. Tennen made the motion to appoint Mrs. Gabbaie to the Social Committee.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Vizzie and was unanimously approved by the Board.

Tennis Committee Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of the Tennis Committee’s meeting on May 9th at which it, among other things, discussed the upcoming sandblasting of the Clubhouse, discussed replacing portions of windscreens, discussed its upcoming Junior event on June 3rd, discussed the upcoming children’s summer tennis camp, and discussed holding an event to recognize Tennis Director Gene Malin being at Bel Air Ridge for 20 years. 

Traffic Committee Report
Committee member Sharon Kopman reported that there was nothing to report, other than the Sherman Oaks NTM Plan had originally been shot down.  However, Councilman Ryu was able to get a number of the proposed turn restriction signs installed in his community, anyway, based on the grounds that they are supposedly for safety purposes.  There are a lot of people upset. 

It was noted that having traffic officers at the major intersections, including Mulholland and Beverly Glen, while the DWP pipe work is being done on Benedict Canyon Drive has been a tremendous help.  Traffic is flowing very well. 

Architectural & Landscaping Committee (“ALC”) Report
The Board reviewed the minutes of the Committee’s April 16th meeting at which it approved all four of the property improvement requests it received.  The Committee also agreed with Committee member Karen Marks’ idea to place photos of remodeled Bel Air Ridge homes in the Wildlife newsletter, so other homeowners can get ideas how to remodel their homes. 

Security Committee Report
Committee Chair Harold Tennen reported on the number and types of security incidents that occurred in the community from April 5, 2018 to May 14, 2018; 15 false burglar alarms, 45 unattended open garage doors, 1 suspicious vehicle, 5 suspicious incidents / issues, 7 resident assistances, 4 disturbances, 3 parking enforcement issues, 2 coyote sightings, 2 HOA rules enforcement issues, and 1 speeding vehicle.

A number of compliments were given about the performance of some of the new Picore International Security (“Picore”) officers.  Picore began providing 24-hour armed security patrol and alarm response services to the Association on May 1st.

Update on Implementation of ClubClix and Caliber Software Platforms
Mr. Avila reported that setting up and implementing the different features and elements on the new Caliber HOA management software is going well.  The financial reporting element is performing very well.  Data, such as homeowner information, key fob records, guest pass records, and the like, is in the process of being input from non-Caliber sources such as the previous financial reporting system and hard copy Word/Excel documents.  Caliber offers a homeowner “portal” whereby homeowners can view and manage their own profiles such as updating their contact telephone numbers, and view documents and information such as their account status and payment history.  The “portal” will be set up, implemented, and made available in the coming months.  There will also be a board “portal” whereby boards can store data and documents for future boards to access and view. 

The regular Board of Directors meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m. 

Executive Session - May 22, 2018 - General Notes

The Executive Session was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

The Board approved the minutes of the April 24, 2018 Executive Session.

The Board discussed a settlement enforcement matter.

The Board discussed a matter of potential litigation - Common Area property encroachment.

The Board discussed a personnel matter.

The Board discussed a contract breach by a prior vendor.

The Board authorized the recordation of a Notice of Default on the property with APN # 4379-035-088 for delinquent assessments.

The Board discussed a possible contract breach by an independent contractor.

The Executive Session was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

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